Floating on a Cloud And in a World of Trouble

When medical treatment is undertaken with Xanax addiction uncomfortable side effects may occur. Physical and psychological addiction is a strong possibility without careful monitoring. Some patients demonstrate loss of memory and confusion. Lethargy can become troublesome with feelings of sleepiness and difficulty in concentration. Shortness of breath can also be accompanied by slower heart-rates. Some patients have complained of “floating” or “an out of body” sensation.

Side effects can vary among individuals but typically include the following:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Floated or disconnected sensation
  • Depressed heartbeat
  • Depressed breathing
  • Excessive sleep and sleepiness
  • Mental confusion
  • Memory loss

Xanax is a prescribed tranquilizer and it depresses the nervous system much like ethyl alcohol. When attempts are made to withdraw from excessive and prolonged use Xanax, like other benzodiazepines, can present severe symptoms. Sometimes sleep patterns are disrupted by insomnia or restlessness. Rapid heartbeat can be brought on with tremors and increased feelings of anxiety.

Anyone who has been prescribed Xanax and is under treatment should use caution when driving or operating machinery of any kind. The drug can cause sleepiness and loss of balance. When using Xanax all beverages containing alcohol must be avoided. Even in very small amounts alcohol has a synergistic effect and increases loss of orientation with drowsiness and dizziness taking control.

Other drugs taken with Xanax can cause similar problems. Any prescribed medications or even over-the-counter products, should be cleared by any physician prescribing Xanax. If you notice serious side effects and reaction, they should be reported immediately to a doctor or an emergency room.

When Xanax is abused the tendency on the part of the user is to ignore danger signs or attribute symptoms to some other cause. This frequently leads to overdoses and strong reactions as doses are increased. If you suspect you may be addicted or if someone you know is experiencing problems with Xanax contact The Beachcomber – today!