Formula for Prescription Drug and Xanax Addiction

Physical and psychological addiction can result when Xanax is taken in excessive dosages over a period of 60-days. It is a benzodiazepine and must be monitored by a physician working with the patient and family members. It is meant to bring on relaxation in patients with stress and severe anxiety symptoms. Doctors repeatedly caution those in their care who are using this powerful tranquilizer.

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Xanax is administered because of its depressant qualities and induces reduction in awareness and activity. The central nervous system is inhibited and the objective is to attain levels of “normalcy.” Unfortunately the body develops tolerance and larger doses are needed to achieve the relaxation effect.

The past record on Xanax is clear and thousands have become dependent on this medication. As a result those using Xanax are carefully monitored and the drug should never be taken without a prescribed amount indicated. It should never be taken in quantities above those given and total time of usage should not be extended.

If you feel someone you know needs xanax rehabilitation, they should receive all of the information necessary to start treatment.

Withdrawal symptoms arise if Xanax is abruptly discontinued and seizures can occur. Physicians frequently stipulate a gradual reduction in dosages. If you feel you have been abusing Xanax, please discuss this promptly with your doctor. Withdrawal from can be uncomfortable but not generally life threatening!

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