Verbal, social, physical. and cyber bullying are the four most common forms of bullying.

Verbal bullying includes name-calling, threatening, negative comments about one’s race, gender, culture, and physical appearance (Retrieved 04/12/09 from:

Verbal bullying involves taunting which goes beyond a friendly game of teasing which is not done out of malice. Taunting is an intentional aggressive act against another person who is view with contempt. Taunting is one- sided and intended to harm through humiliation disguised as jokes (Coloroso, 2003).

common bullying forms ofcommon bullying of formscommon bullying of formsDifferentiating between flirting and sexual bullying is also important to clarify. Flirting is meant to be complimentary and flattering whereas sexual bullying is meant to harm through degradation and is based on an imbalance of power; it is an attack (Coloroso, 2003).