Xanax is a tranquilizer, depressant and it was developed in the 1970’s. A prescription drug it is often used as relief for stress and anxiety. It depresses the nerves much like alcohol and consequently, is often abused as an accompaniment to alcohol. Addiction usually follows from extended use in increased amounts that exceed medically prescribed dosages.

Meant to relax and relieve stress the patient often feels sleepy and somewhat euphoric for the first few days of use. Then as the person adjusts to the effects of the Xanax feelings change and tolerance enters the picture. Larger and larger doses are taken and if not carefully monitored addiction prevails over all. If dosages are cut back or terminated, withdrawal symptoms quickly present themselves.

When the user exceeds the amount of Xanax prescribed overdoses can occur. Overdose conditions vary among individuals and even in particular users. It is a constantly shifting effort for the user to attain the results desired. Adjustments in amounts determine the high being sought, as well as, any “crash” that follows. Such an overdose of Xanax is rarely fatal but if used with other substances like alcohol, consequences may lead to death or brain damage.

Some of the common symptoms of Xanax overdose are shared with alcoholic intoxication. These may include an appearance of being drunk; impaired senses bring on confusion, sleepiness and slow reactions to hazardous situations
If these symptoms present themselves professional help should be given promptly and no effort at xanax withdrawal should be attempted by the individual. A medically supervised detox should be undertaken and then followed by a program of residential care.

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