Did you know that there is holistic drug and alcohol treatment in Delray Beach? At the Beachcomber, we help you on the road to a life free of addiction to xanax or other drugs. Within a tropical setting near the beach at the Beachcomber, you can begin the road to recovery and rehabilitation.

What is Xanax addiction?

When Xanax is taken for more than 60 days, an addiction can result. Those suffering from stress and severe anxiety often use this drug to relax and feel what a person sees as “normal”. However, unless the drug is monitored carefully, the need for higher doses occurs as the body builds up a tolerance.

If you withdraw abruptly, seizures may occur. Those who have abused the drug will go through an uncomfortable withdrawal. However, it is usually not life threatening. “Cold turkey” is not the best way to quit, and serious consequences may occur.

Symptoms of Withdrawal

Some of the withdrawal symptoms that you may experience include:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Insomnia
  • Tremors
  • Increased feelings of anxiety

A residential program with holistic treatment is a smart move as you go through withdrawal from Xanax.

What Is Holistic Treatment?

There is help with addiction to Xanax that begins with an individual assessment. You will go through detox to begin to rid your body of this drug. Medical supervision is offered as you begin to withdraw from the throws of this benzodiazepine drug. As you withdraw, counseling and therapy is recommended.

You may also be involved in such treatments as Yoga, Acupuncture, Rapid resolution, Emotional Freedom and Light-Sound Neurotherapy to help deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Not only helping with withdrawal, these therapies can open up avenues to resolve the stress and anxiety that led to the addiction to Xanax in the first place. Nutritional programs can help you heal and become well. Mind, body and spirit are addressed in a holistic program. You may be involved in group therapy or meetings of NA, a self-help group. Aftercare planning helps you stay drug-free and move on to a more positive life.

It may be time to consider the holistic drug and alcohol treatment that is offered at the Beachcomber. If you think you have an addiction to Xanax, we can provide a healing setting, close to the beach, where you can thrive and recover. Give our counselors a call at 561-475-4911 or contact us for a consultation. Begin your journey on the road to freedom from Xanax in a warm and welcoming setting.