Provocative victims are a second category of victims that show “varying degrees of a combination of anxious and aggressive reaction patterns” (Olweus, 1993). 

Provocative victims, if they are boys, may not be as physically strong as their peers causing body anxiety. And most likely are unhappy, insecure and have a negative self-view. Provocative victims have been found to be mainly boys and the dynamics of the bullying may include harassment by a group of students or a whole class.

The provocative victims are set apart from the passive victim by the following possible but not definitive dynamics: hot-tempered (attempt to fight back but not effectively); hyperactive and lacking concentration; “generally offensive and tension-creating; may be clumsy and immature with irritating habits: may be actively disliked also by adults, including the teacher; may themselves try to bully weaker students” (Olweus, 1993. p. 58).