The first section of this report will focus on the ideology and dynamics of bullying in relation to parenting styles, locus of control, and bully/victim characteristics. Parallel connections have been found to exist between American and European studies on bullying indicating that the ideology and dynamics of this form of aggression cross many different cultural backgrounds. The dynamics of bullying will be discussed in relation 4 different types of manifestations as presented by Dan Olweus Scandinavian research, which has spanned over 30 Years.

The research has shown that bullying has evolved into the 21st century version, cyber bullying. This incantation of bullying can be much more dangerous than the ‘rite of passage” bullying from the sixties and earlier. It has directly led to tragedies such as Megan Meier in Missouri and mass killings at Columbine and the Virginia Polytechnic University. It is no longer just a way to tease someone and it is growing rapidly. The United States is thought to be particularly susceptible to these tragedies because of the ease of getting guns here. So something must be done soon. Predictably, it has taken these tragedies for action to take place.

Laws are being passed throughout the United States regarding cyber bullying.  Canada has led the way in training students, parents, and educators and how to identify cyber bullying and w’hat to do when it occurs. The second part of this report will outline what cyber bullying is what is being done about it. and what more can be done in the future. While progress has been made, more is needed so that the cyber bullies, not the victims are ostracized and prosecuted.