The Benzodiazepines Family of Prescription Drugs

What Are Benzos?

Benzodiazepines ( also known as ‘Benzos’ ) are a class of man made psychoactive prescription drugs taken to treat anxiety, insomnia, PMS, panic disorders and other nervous disorders. Benzos foundational chemical structure is the fusion of a benzene and diazepine ring.

What Are Benzos Used For?

Not only Xanax, but Klonopin, Valium, Ativan and Ambien all fall into the Benzodiazepine family.

Alarming Statistics

According to the AAFP, 11 – 15% of US households have
Benzodiazepines in the home. According to 125,000 people end up in US emergency rooms each year by abusing this prescription drug. In addition, 7 out of every 10 teenagers with Xanax addiction issues are taking the pills out of their family home medicine cabinet.

According to SAMHSA, prescription xanax drug abuse has been on a sharp rise. “New misusers of tranquilizers such as diazepam (Valium) or alprazolam (Xanax, called “zanies” by youth)-medicine normally used to treat anxiety or tension-went up nearly 50 percent in one year (700,000 in 1999 to 1 million in 2000).” Most startling, deaths have increased more than 5 fold from 2000 – 2017.